Men’s Paddling Trip

2023 MPT

September  29th-October 1st 


Green River at
Mammoth Cave National Park 


Cost leaving on:

Friday – $20

*Includes Saturday group dinner

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2023 MWWT

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February 23th-26th 

Communication and information

    Click here to access the MPT & MWWT google folder.

This will be the primary means of communication. Also you can be more educated on gear and other “how tos” for paddling and camping in the google folder. 

When the men paddle into the wilderness.








Top 10 Reasons Fall paddling is GREAT

 1. Fall is beautiful.
2. You won’t have sore feet.
3. You can still swim.
4. A campfire always feels good.
5. No shortage of water to filter.
6. Great sense of accomplishment.
7. The leaves on the trees are beautiful.
8. You will appreciate your shower and toilet after.
9. Sunsets on the water are breathtaking.
10. The view from the hammock is worth it.

Previous Locations - Dates - Pics

Charles Deam, Monroe Pilot  2020
Charles Deam, Monroe  2021
Mammoth Cave National Park, Green River 2022

What to expect

  1. Time with Jesus.
  2. Depending on what group you choose, we will paddle between 3-46+ miles.
  3. Slow down, disconnect from the world, and fellowship with men and with Jesus.
  4. Learn outdoor skills like – paddling, orienteering, firebuilding, staying warm, setting up tent/hammocks, filtering water, backcountry cooking, etc.
  5. On the daily – Wake up, get warm, eat breakfast, group/solo Bible time, paddle around, swim, hike trails, chat with buddies, eat lunch, set up camp, eat dinner, group Bible time, enjoy the fire, sleep, repeat.
  6. On the way home – shove our faces full of food, and get really excited to see your family!