“Don’t leave the kids or the youth behind.” That’s what God spoke at the beginning of Horizon Christian Fellowship, and we hold to it. The youth go through the Word of God like everyone else at Horizon – chapter by chapter, verse by verse.

Feel free to email Brett for info or if you have any questions.

Wednesdays: MS&HS. 6pm hangtime, 7pm worship and the word on South Campus outdoor Pavilion. Going through book of Matthew
Sundays: Temporarily paused (MS. After worship 3rd service, upstairs in the Chapel room. Going through Old Testament)
Still happening: HS. 6-8pm 2nd and 4th Sunday nights at Brett’s house! Email for more info.

Brett Goodrich
Youth pastor



I Cor 5:1-2 – God’s Heart for Sexual Morality
• Gal 6:1 – Dealing with Conflict (Dad’s notes) – I’ll upload after tonight
Why Are There So Many Different Churches?
Thinking Biblically About Any Issue


Answers in Genesis – Plenty of great material comparing the Bible with the world as it is by PhDs on many topics at many reading levels
Homosexuality & the Gospel – Best talk on this I’ve ever heard; super loving, super thorough, super biblical. Click “Evangelism & Culture” and see the 3 audio files.

Textual Criticism

Point made with humor: A Textual Analysis of Winnie the Pooh
Serious discussion: