“Loving God in each others’ presence, and loving each other in God’s presence.” – Ken Blue

We worship congregationally to give God glory, to set our hearts on Him, and to encourage each other to praise the Lord in thankfulness amidst all circumstances and emotions.

We desire to cultivate a culture that loves gathering to worship. We also work to teach and raise up other worship leaders, musicians, sound guys, and techs to be skilled workers and to be in love with Jesus and serving Him and His people.


“Green grass and still waters.” Worship is far more than music; it’s an attitude of the heart and a lifestyle of surrender to God. Particular styles of music or instrumentation aren’t, we believe, critical at all to true worship. We strive for an atmosphere where people can sing and praise God without distraction.

That looks different for different people! We have two types of service to accommodate. Our early chapel service is quiet and acoustic. The two later services are contemporary Christian style, drums and all.

Ed Brown
Worship leader

Let Your Glory Lead is the first album from the Horizon worship team.


Want to get involved? There’s likely a spot you’ll enjoy. This ministry is a blast – and takes a lot of work. Contact Ed for more info or to do the thing!

Assembly/disassembly tech
Help lay out the stage and sound from scratch every week, and put it all back when we’ve finished

Media tech
Run worship lyric slides, sermon notes on projectors

Broadcast tech
Cameras and switchboard for livestream

Sound tech
Run sound board, general setup

Bang the drum, twang the string, tickle the keys!

Sing to the Lord! We can’t provide much vocal training; it’s good if you already have experience here


Basic training is provided for all of these volunteer positions. Really want to but not sure you can swing it? We strive to be flexible to your availability, and we understand when that’s limited – don’t be discouraged from volunteering if you’re only available once a month.