Send your kids on outdoor adventures where memories are made!

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Pavilion Project

This 40′ x 90′ wooden structure will serve as shade for all the activities South Campus hosts, including 1100+ campers! We hope to have this built  by the start of camp.

Discover Camp Indy

Get outside and grow!

Spend your summer making life-long memories on amazing adventures. Learn to do something exciting you never thought you’d do. Discover God in the midst of His creation.

Swimming, biking, climbing, canoeing, horses, hikes – oh my!

That’s not the half of it. There’s a ton of different one-week camps to choose from, and every single one is its own adventure!

Fun from age 4-15

Your youngest (4-6) will love Junior Camp – it’s Camp Indy on a smaller scale.

Specialty camps come available for 7-9 year olds, and graduating to 10-12s deepens their camp choices.

Your oldest (13-15s) get our special Epics – special three-day overnight adventures!

Unashamedly Christian

We flip for fun and games, but there’s a deeper purpose here. Kids spend intentional time every day learning from the Word of God – both in big groups with experienced pastors and in small, intimate settings where they’re free to ask questions and discuss the most important truths in life.

Proudly ACA Accredited

We spend a lot of time and effort making Camp Indy the best – and safest – experience possible. We’re proud to be recognized by ACA as an accountable, credible, and committed camp.

Responsible (and a little crazy)?

If you qualify, we’d love to train you and have you on the team! Get ready to work hard alongside others, fall in love with amazing kids you’ll see week after week, and have a blast investing your summer in God’s work in people’s lives.

“Win, disciple, send.”

That’s our vision. Sound like something you want to be a part of? Apply today!