Policies & FAQ


Policies & Procedures

Dropoff & Pickup


Dropoff starts at 8:15am. You must sign in your camper every day down at the canteen shack by the pool. Please park your car in the sectioned zone of the parking lot. There are two sign-in lines separated by last names A-L and M-Z. You may also check in with canteen during this time.

  • Extended Care Dropoff opens at 7:30am.


Pickup starts at 4:15pm and goes until 4:45. Cars line up along the road that leads to the parking lot until we open up car line. You will be required to show a valid ID that matches our authorized pickup list to be able to sign out and take your camper home.

  • Extended Care Pickup extends until 6:00pm. Every one minute over 6:00pm is $1.00.
  • To add a name to your authorized pickup, please contact our registrar at the camp office.
  • Early Pickup: If you need to pick up your child before normal pick up time, please let us know in the morning so we can have them ready for you.  You will need to park and walk up to the camp office and sign them out. We kindly ask that you do not pick up your camper unexpectedly 30 minutes before normal pick up. This time is very busy; kids are shifting out of pool time and wrapping up final activities.
Payments & Refunds

Payment Schedule

Registration requires a deposit of $50.00 for each registered camp per camper. This deposit holds the spot in the camp. The remaining balance for the week is due no later than the Monday of the registered camp week. If left unpaid, your camper will not be allowed to attend camp until paid. Payments may be made online, via cash, check or credit card during drop off, or over the phone with the camp office during the camp day.


There is a $10.00 processing fee for all refunds. All payment is refundable up until 10 days prior to the start of the registered camp week.* After that, the deposit is considered committed. Payments beyond the deposit are refundable until the start of the week. Cancellation after the registered start date will not be eligible for refunds of any payments made for that week.

*The start of a camp week for payment purposes is considered to be 12:00am Monday morning.


Cancellations due to death in the family will be fully refunded. Campers that miss three (3) or more days due to illness with a doctor’s note will be eligible for a refund for days missed. Refunds of payment will not be issued without a doctor’s note.

Bounced Checks

Returned checks are charged $35.00 fee and require a replacement payment in the form of cash or money order. A second returned check will require all future payments to be made with cash or money order.

Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ
Where’s Lost & Found?

At the end of every camp day, all remaining camper gear is collected and put out the following morning alongside the pool fence by the canteen shack where you drop off and sign in.

Lost and found is bagged up for donation at the end of every week. Please let us know if you are missing supplies so we can separate it for you! Lost & found will be donated 1 week after the camp season ends.

How do I get a camp t-shirt?

T-shirts can be preordered before the camp season starts.  After the first day of camp you can no longer preorder when registering, but we will have extra shirts available for purchase in the morning Wednesday – Friday each week at the Canteen with the registrar.

This season’s camp shirts cost $12. Past season’s camp shirts cost $10.

Swimming FAQ

What if my child isn’t a strong swimmer?
Our pool is sectioned off for three levels of swimming skill: non-swimmers and Junior Camp (red), learning swimmers (yellow), and strong swimmers (green). Every Monday, the lifeguard gives campers the opportunity to take a swimming test. This test determines what sections of the pool they will have access to, and they will be given a wristband with the color they earn. Campers can opt to skip the swimming test and simply receive a red wristband.

Can I send life jackets/swimming aids?
Yes! Our policy is that if your child brings it, we require them to wear it. Junior Campers are restricted to the red zone. You may also send lifejackets for older age groups and they will also be restricted to the red zone.

Is a lifeguard on duty?
Always. For every swimming/watercraft activity, a lifeguard and a counselor will be present. (All staff are CPR and First Aid Certified as well.) Lifeguards’ skills are verified at the beginning of every summer and assessed twice a week.

My kid lost their wristband!
No worries! Replacement wristbands can be purchased for $1.00 in the morning during check-in.

Other questions? Contact us anytime.

Overnights FAQ


Will my camper stay the night?
The camps that stay overnight are Outdoor Adventure Camp and our Scion: Epics camps. They will each stay the night once during the week: Thursday night for OAC, Wednesday night for Epics.

What will they need?
We will provide tents, dinner and breakfast. You will just need to pack extra day and night clothes, toothbrush/paste, a sleeping bag, flashlight, and tennis shoes for the rock wall. (We’ll also send you a reminder email with this supply list earlier in the week of the overnight!)

What will they eat?
Dinner: Mac & cheese, hot dogs cooked on the campfire, and a variety of chips.
Dessert: s’mores!!
Breakfast: milk and cereal
(Sometimes counselors will want to make a more intricate dessert or breakfast; these are our standard meals.)

Can I bring alternative dinner?
Yes! We understand that some have food allergies. If this applies to you, you are welcome to pack a premade dinner that we can serve your camper at dinner or lunch time.

Other questions? Contact us anytime.

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