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Dear Horizon Family,

We are excited about worshipping together on May 24th. It did feel at one time that we may never get the opportunity to do that again, but Lord willing we will be praising Him together this coming Sunday. Now, it is important that we gather under the physical guidelines that promote safety in our midst, because Covid-19 has not been eradicated from the midst of our society yet. May we continue in prayer that this will happen sooner than later. Again, you guys have been amazing on how you have walked through these challenging times. God has been very kind to us indeed! 

As you may no doubt be aware we are having an in-person and livestreamed outdoor service at 10:00am on May 24th out in the field between the playground and the brickhouse. If it will rain, we will contact you and we will move inside for services at 9:30 and 11:15 AM, filled by RSVP.* Please join us as you feel the Lord leads you.

Anyone and everyone is welcome to the outdoor service. If weather forces us indoors, it will fall back to those who have RSVPed on the website. We will notify everyone if Sunday is outdoors or indoors by Saturday via text, email, and social media.

Following are some guidelines/information for us to consider for the safety of all and our witness into our community. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND COMPLETELY:

We are taking extra measures for cleaning, sanitizing, and ensuring distancing. This will include:

    1. Hand sanitizing stations
    2. Adequate spacing between families and individuals to ensure the proper health safeguards
    3. If we are inside for two services, all furniture items including bathrooms and other rooms will be well-cleaned before and after the services.

The wearing of masks will be strongly encouraged. There will be a table with masks available for anyone that may need or desire one. However, we have a limited amount! If you have your own, you are encouraged to bring it.

Concerning seating outdoors: please bring your own chairs. We will also have some available. (You are welcome to bring your own chairs for indoor services also.)

There will be a table with prepackaged communion elements. Please pick up enough communion packs for everyone in your group. These packets have been touched only by a person wearing gloves.

Whether inside or outside, there will not be any Children’s Ministry. We will announce the Sunday when that’s able to change.
IF OUTSIDE: The playground will not be open for use. Please keep children with you at all times. We wish it was different, but this service is not like our normal outdoor services – not yet.
IF INSIDE: Parents can make use of the cafeteria if little ones need to be taken out.

We ask that you continue to enjoy the services from home. They will continue to be livestreamed in high quality as usual.

Those 65 and older or who are more at-risk because of health concerns, you are welcome to come as you feel led, but some of you may feel more comfortable and safer watching the livestream from home.

Parking will be in the normal parking lot on the north side of the church building.
IF OUTSIDE: The service will be on the opposite side of the building next to the playground; please proceed around the building. Rides will be available to the service area for those who may desire that.
IF INSIDE: By RSVP only. As you receive your text message or when a volunteer or staff member waves you to come in, come in the normal front door.

Note that drinking fountains will not be operational.
IF OUTSIDE: Please enter the building through the back entrance up the short steps all the way to the left as you are looking at the stage.Proceed down the hallway and you will find the bathrooms on the right-hand side. We will also have signs.
IF INSIDE: The normal bathrooms in the church lobby will be available.

At the close of the service/services we will be dismissing everyone to enjoy the day that the Lord has for them.

IF OUTDOORS: If you haven’t yet, please download our app! You will be able to find the lyrics to the worship songs for that day in the app on the home screen.

As I have mentioned before:

  • There are two sides to this situation. One side will feel comfortable in coming to the services, while the other side will feel more comfortable remaining at home. Again, we encourage everyone to do as they feel led. We desire that no person will feel picked on for whatever choice that they make. Unity within the believers is something that we have always striven for, and during this present situation it is vital that we do everything we personally can to maintain that unity.
  • We carry a strong desire for the safety of everyone at Horizon, but we do believe that it is time to take the proper steps to resume corporate worship.

Also, as I said earlier, it has been a long road in many ways, and we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, but we still have a long way to go. Our desire is to follow the Lord on that road as well as we can so that He can be glorified in our midst. Thank you for your support during all of this. Again, you guys are an amazing group of people. 

As I close this letter, please let me know if we can do anything to help you in any way. 

  • As the Lord said to Joshua: “Only be strong and very courageous, that you may observe to do according to all the law which Moses My servant commanded you; do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may prosper wherever you go” (Joshua 1:7).

God bless you all. Love you


*RSVP for services at



SUNDAY the 17th:
Livestream Only

SUNDAY the 24th:
9:30 and 11:15 in-person services RSVP ONLY. RSVP here

Livestream Only

  • Offices closed; all pastors still available by phone

We are praying for you, and looking for other ways to serve you and the community in this time!

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