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Dear Horizon Family,

Webster’s New World Dictionary describes ‘Cabin Fever’ as “a condition of increased anxiety, tension, boredom, etc. caused by living for some time in a confined space or an isolated area, especially in winter.” Well, according to many of those definitions—I GOT IT! HOW ABOUT YOU? Guilty, right? Such is life for many of us at this moment.

Obviously, this is not true for everyone. We must remember to pray for the nurses, doctors, police officers, fire personnel, and so many others that are on the front lines. They truly are in challenging situations day in and day out and need our prayers and support. They are wonderful people who are answering the call to help others while risking their own lives.

Now, whether we are in the group with “Cabin Fever,” or the group that is burning the candle on both ends, we are all dealing with a situation that is unprecedented in our lifetimes. May I suggestion some spiritual and practical ways to continue forward during these times.

First, spiritually speaking, I think of the challenging and awesome verses of Philippians 4:6-7. It is there that Paul said: “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.” Often, I joke about the fact that did God truly mean “be anxious for nothing,” but we are assured through other scripture and experience that He truly meant those words. Thus, it becomes our privilege and challenge to truly make the truths found in these verses our own.

In these verses Paul gives us some very powerful principles for being victorious in the midst of this Coronavirus Pandemic:

1. Stop worrying, for it is never productive anyway. Psalm 37:1-9 gives us at least thirteen
principles to help us be victorious over worry.

2. Have a prayerful heart for not only our needs, but the needs of others.

3. Have a thankful attitude even in the midst of our circumstances.

4. Be consistent and persistent in our prayers knowing God does hear and answer them.

5. Be confident that because God hears and answers our prayers, we will experience His
peace, and our hearts and minds will be guarded from fear because of what Jesus Christ
has done for us.

All of these truths are easier said than done at times, but as we walk in them, we will experience His wonderful care and comfort. We do serve an awesome God!

Second, practically speaking, I do believe it is vital for us to follow the guidelines that have been established by those who are looking out for our welfare. Until those guidelines somehow violate what is found in scripture, it seems wise on our parts to embrace their suggestions. Please go to for one place where those guidelines can be found. As I said in the beginning of this letter, ‘Cabin Fever’ can be a real thing, but we find that God counseled the people of Israel to use the principle of separation as a means for the safety of all. If it worked back then, then it would seem that it can work today for us here in America.

Finally, our President has extended this time of social separation at least until the end of April. With that directive we will be continuing to do our services online at 9:30 and 11:15AM on Sunday, 7PM on Wednesday, and devotions at 10AM Monday through Saturday. Easter services on Good Friday and Easter Morning will also be online unless something changes drastically before then. It seems that we are in this for the long haul, so we should remain prayerful in all that we do.

May our trust in the Lord be constant, may we look out beyond ourselves to see and meet the needs of others, may we realize that this time has not caught our Lord by surprise, and may we not miss the opportunity that is set before us to share with anyone that Jesus Loves them and He has a wonderful plan for their lives!

Please let us know if we can serve you in any way. You are an amazing group of people! Love you a bunch.



Updated 3/30

Livestream Only

Livestream Only

  • Offices closed; all pastors still available by phone

We are praying for you, and looking for other ways to serve you and the community in this time!

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VBS 2020: June 22-26!

VBS 2020: June 22-26!

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Lies Girls Believe

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Camp Indy

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More mature? Applications are being accepted for summer staff.


For projects you would rather not do, you can rent a Bible College student! Donations go toward the CCBCHU mission trips. For more info, or to schedule a student on Mondays from 9am-12pm, contact Omar at (201) 981-1698, Bracy at (804) 305-8415, or email

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Mark your 2020 calendar for Biblical Counseling classes on Feb. 28 & 29, March 20 & 21, and April 17 & 18. Attend all three weekends to complete the classroom portion!

“Raising Men” Bible Study

All men are invited to join us for an 8 week study on how to build men for Christ. We are offering the study on Friday mornings and Monday nights starting Jan. 17 & 20. Visit for details, and to sign up.

Sunday Tech Help Needed! Training Provided

Horizon’s tech ministry is down 2-3 people every Sunday am. Would you consider helping with video, sound, livestreaming or service recording? The holidays are a busy time with extra services, but many hands make light work! Get in touch with Andrew Lockerbie:

Special Needs Ministry

We are building a Special Needs Ministry on Sunday mornings, and we are looking for volunteers to serve during our 9:30 am. service. If you are interested, contact Jason Schultz at (317) 823-2349

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