New date is TBA

Race info is TBA

Race will be held on the south campus of Horizon Christian Fellowship.
Concessions will be available for purchase.

What is an OCR?

Obstacle Course Racing (OCR) is a sport in which a competitor, traveling on foot, must overcome various physical challenges in the form of obstacles.

 You can expect a 3(ish)-mile obstacle course race through the woods with around 10 – 15 obstacles to make sure its fun.

Pavilion Fundraiser

This is a benefit race to help with the costs involved in building a new pavilion for Camp Indy and the other ministries associated with Horizon Christian Fellowship.

Click here for more info on the pavilion.


Who can race?

Anyone who can walk three miles! You can run or walk or crawl (actually you might have to crawl…) through this OCR. You can go as fast or as slow as you would like. You can work together with your friends or try and knock out the course on your own! The race is designed to be challenging but not punishing—you’ll love it!

Finishers Recieve

Cold water
Granola Bar
That nice feeling of doing something awesome.

What to wear?

We recommend dressing in performance gear (NOT COTTON). Think shorts and breathable tops made from water wicking material. Wear comfortable shoes that you’ve trained in, but beware, they are going to get dirty. In addition to your clothes, consider fuel like gel packs or Cliff bars when planning for race day.