Middle School

Grades 6-8

Quick Facts

  • Over 80 students enrolled in grades 6-8
  • School families represent many local churches and include the children of many local pastors
  • Students standardized test scores are above average and show steady improvement while enrolled at HCS
  • Weekly chapel; Bible class in all grades

Horizon Christian School’s Middle School program is designed to launch students into the next part of their journey following elementary school. With an emphasis on spiritual development and academic excellence, we desire to educate the whole child. HCS is a safe place where students can grow in their faith as staff members partner with parents to educate their students. Our goal is to create independence so students transition successfully to high school.

Horizon offers a variety of courses for all levels of achievement. We offer honors courses for grades 7 and 8 and a resource time for all students. Student electives have included courses such as mountain biking, art, yearbook, choir, band, sewing, personal finance, computer, cooking, and career readiness.

In addition to academics, students have opportunities to participate in our sports program, including girls volleyball, cross country, soccer, basketball, and softball.  The middle school also has a VEX robotics team which has earned a spot in the Indiana State VEX Robotics tournament.  The team continues to build their STEM skills as they explore their future vocational goals.