High School

(Grades 9-12)

Quick Facts

  • Nearly 100 students enrolled in grades 9-12
  • School families represent many local churches and include children of many local pastors
  • Weekly chapel or small group; Bible class in all grades
  • Operate on block schedule-each class meets 3 times per week (preparing them for typical college schedule)
  • Curriculum includes Core 40 classes, honors classes, AP classes, and dual credit classes
  • Active National Honor Society chapter
  • Core 40 and Core 40 with Academic Honors Diplomas
  • Students go on to attend college of their choice

Horizon Christian School’s High School program is designed to equip the next generation with the skills to serve Christ within their God given abilities. We believe our students will leave Horizon and be world changers. With the integration of faith and academics, students are equipped to grow into responsible adults.

Horizon offers a variety of classes for all levels of achievement. We offer a resource time for all students.  We also offer honors courses, AP courses, and dual credit courses. Along with the Core 40 required courses, student electives include creative writing, children’s literature, advance physical education, fiber art, ceramics, digital photography, radio, yearbook, debate, personal finance, film, sewing, cooking, and computer applications. High school students also take a course entitled Beyond the Horizon where students explore and identify their God given gifts as well as serve the community.  Our students go on to attend the college of their choices, and many of our graduates have received substantial academic scholarships.

In addition to academics, Horizon students have opportunities to participate in junior varsity and varsity athletics such as cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball and softball.  Many of our teams have been very successful through the years.  We have had several athletes go on to play in college and several have received athletic college scholarships.