Homeschool Opportunities

Homeschool Students can apply to take high school classes offered at Horizon.  All of our courses (including our science classes) are taught from a Biblical worldview, and can provide an extension to the homeschool teachings.  Horizon has had many wonderful homeschool students participate in our sports teams over the years, and we wish to offer to homeschool families the option of participating in high school classes they select at Horizon, while still primarily homeschooling the student.  We believe both the Horizon students and the homeschool students could realize benefits from their participation, and we welcome the opportunity to serve these students and their families.


To participate in any  high school class, it must be determined that there is space available in that class (our full time enrolled students will be accommodated first).  If there is space available, the homeschool student would go through the Horizon application process and be accepted into the school.  Once a student has been accepted, if they remain in good standing, he/she can continue to take classes that are available throughout their high school years without reapplying.  The student and their family can choose up to a maximum of four classes they would desire to participate in at Horizon.  If a class requires prerequisites, proof of completing these must be provided.  The student will be enrolled and given high school grades through Horizon’s high school system, and transcripts will be provided to them.  Students must also adhere to all policies in the student handbook, including behavioral and dress code policies.


$30.00 application fee (once), and then:


$650 tuition for 1-semester classes (e.g. Health, PE, Econ, Gov) or
$1300 tuition for 2-semester classes (e.g. Chem, Algebra II)
+ $60 for curriculum and RenWeb registration for that class

$30 application fee, and then:
• Chemistry (2 semesters): $1360. $1300 tuition + $60 curriculum and RenWeb
• Health (1 semester): $680. $650 tuition + $60 curriculum and RenWeb
= $2040 total for our example student. ($30 + $1360 + $680)

For more information, please contact the office.

Sports Participation

Horizon has been blessed by the participation of homeschool students in our sports programs at all levels.  It is our desire that this opportunity continue.  To participate in a sport, contact our Athletic Director, Brian Kerlin.  Our current sports include soccer, cross country, volleyball, basketball, softball, and baseball.Lebanon Game One 11-16-2013 030