God’s given us a great gift in the 98-acre property and buildings we have here. Maintaining it, while admittedly not not as exciting as new construction or evangelistic venture, is part of wise, godly stewardship. By taking care of His loan to us, we honor God and are used to facilitate His work.

That said, our main parking lot has reached a critical point. Groundwater, flowing underneath it for years, has eroded its earth foundation. We’ve attempted several smaller projects and successfully lengthened the lot’s lifespan, but time passes and the damage is now too great. It needs to be redone with underdrainage added – not just repaved.1

The cost for this project is $92,000. The whole lot will be done in one fell swoop if funds come in in time. If not, necessity requires that we move forward with the first of four phases. The first phase costs $42,000, and every other phase will cost $16,500.

As a church body, we are in prayer as to how God would have us to be involved financially. If you feel so led, please click the button below to give towards this stewardship project. If you have any questions, feel free to email Scott Ellman.

1. The parking lot doesn’t look too bad at first glance, it’s true. The damage is beneath; left untended it will soon begin to fall apart rapidly. We hope to preempt this.