Graduation Requirements


Students are responsible for tracking their own graduation progress. 72 credits are required for graduation at CCBCHU, along with the mandatory Exodus Journey and International Mission Trip. There is also a one-time $50 Graduation Fee for processing. Please feel free to contact the Registrar’s Office with any questions concerning courses or graduation requirements. There is also a “Graduation Worksheet” available upon request. Classes must be passed with a C- or better to count toward graduation.

CCBCHU Core Requirements

Total – 22-23 credits

  • Acts – 3 credits
  • Genesis – 3 credits
  • One Gospel elective – 2 or 3 credits
  • Revelation – 3 credits
  • Romans – 3 credits
  • Apologetics – 2 credits
  • Missions – 2 credits
  • Theology – 2 credits
  • Bible Study Methods or Hermeneutics – 2 credits

Old Testament / New Testament Survey

Total – 12 credits

  • Old Testament Survey I – 3 credits
  • Old Testament Survey II – 3 credits
  • New Testament Survey I – 3 credits
  • New Testament Survey II – 3 credits

Practical Christian Ministry (CM199)

Total – 4 semesters
Students serve in various tasks on and off campus alongside fellow students and staff, applying the practical aspects of Christianity and servanthood as they learn to follow Christ. This may include serving in the various ministries of Horizon Christian Fellowship, our sponsoring church. This is one of the advantages of the CCBCHU campus – we are directly associated with a local church that allows our students to directly apply what they learn in class.

Four semesters of Practical Christian Ministry are required for graduation.

Bible Book Electives

Total – 15+ credits
Students are required to take 15 credits of electives based on individual books of the Bible. These can be either Old Testament or New Testament books. Examples of electives offered include: Matthew, Mark, John, I & II Corinthians, I & II Thessalonians, Exodus, Nehemiah, Daniel, Pslams, etc.

General Electives

Students will fill out their schedule by taking general elective classes. Classes such as Spiritual Foundations, Biblical Counseling, Church History, Personal Finance, etc…, are offered on a rotating basis.

(Click here for a complete listing of courses offered.)