Degrees & Accreditation


wardsCCBC of Horizon University offers two programs: a Diploma in Biblical Studies or a Certificate of Completion. Full requirements for these degrees can be met at CCBCHU.

1. Diploma in Biblical Studies – The Diploma in Biblical Studies is a two-year program intended for students who have completed high school or a G.E.D. program or its equivalent. Students must take all the required courses and pass them with a grade of “C” or better.

2. The Certificate of Completion – The Certificate of Completion program is a non-graded course of study intended for students who are not prepared for college level academics. Some of the students who choose this program are those with limited English, those who did not complete high school, those with learning disabilities, or those for whom academics are extremely difficult. The spiritual training and discipleship in this program is similar to that of the Diploma in Biblical Studies; however, the students complete the courses on a Pass/Fail basis. Those in this program are graded according to their personal academic ability level with the hopes after graduation their academic ability has grown to the college level of learning. Each assignment given to the student is evaluated by giving a Pass/Fail for that assignment and a final Pass/Fail grade at the end of the semester according to their ability level will be awarded. Students must receive a grade of “P” and a total of 80 credits to receive the Certificate of Completion. All tuition prices are the same.


CCBCHU classes are offered through Horizon University. Every class progresses students on a path towards an accredited associate or bachelor degree. This additional education experience further prepares you to go out into ministry whether in administration, church planting, missionary, pastoring, or simply serving as a member within the church. We feel that a big part of the experience and growing process is to live on campus here at CCBCHU learning to walk alongside one another; loving, exhorting and bearing in love as we each desire to grow more into the image of Christ.

“…and have put on the new man who is renewed in knowledge according to the image of Him who created him.”
– Colossians 3:10