The full-time program at CCBCHU is as intensive as any regular college experience. Students generally take eighteen credit hours per semester in order to graduate in two years. As Horizon University courses, classes give them a path to an accredited associate or bachelor degree. While time-intensive and often challenging; taking the time and effort to seek God alone for two years is a life-changing experience!

Full-time students are strongly encouraged to live on campus. The fellowship and community of the body of believers attending the college together is as much a part of the spiritual growth as is class! Unfamiliar with Horizon? Check out the living accommodations.

Steps to apply as a full-time student for CCBCHU:

  1. Download, print, fill out, sign, and date the Full-Time Application.
  2. Download, print, and hand out CCBCHU Reference Forms to your pastor and two spiritual leaders.
  3. Enclose your $50 application fee and a small photo of yourself with the application.
  4. Enclose a copy of your high school diploma/GED certificate, high school transcripts, and (if seeking Bachelor in Biblical Studies degree) your college transcripts.
  5. Send all above documents to: CCBCHU Admissions, 7702 Indian Lake Rd., Indianapolis, IN, 46236 USA