Student Life

 From the desk of Joe Estes:

SEPT 25: The Lion’s Den Radio has been on the air throughout the current pandemic with fresh and encouraging music, past student shows, interviews with Christian music artists, and short devotional thoughts from Bill Goodrich. There are more than 12 hours of original programming rotating 24hrs a day.

We recently added an Christian oldie show with Coach Meyers and myself having a lot of fun, playing some old tunes and sharing a few strange facts and puns. A weekly Top 20 keeps you up to date on the hottest Christian songs and there is another new show called “What’s Up” featuring the new releases that have promise.

While we don’t have a class this semester, we are still keeping things going strong. Please give The Lion’s Den Radio a listen and tell us what you think.

Here is a “run-down” of the programs by class and by level:

Radio 1 – High school class:

HCN – Horizon Conservative News – Riley and Caleb host this show that is focused on current events in the news from a conservative perspective. Both have a keen interest in the current volatile political scene as well as the natural and man-created tragic events of the past few months.

HPUR – Horizon Powered Up Radio – Valentine, Charley, and Noble are really into the whole computer game scene. They love to talk about the latest games being released as well as their current favorites. The discussion on this program is lively as they pit their favorite characters against each other to see who would be the victor.

HST – Horizon Sports Talk – Josh and Noble try to predict what is happening with the Indianapolis Colts and the new players on the Pacers. Are the Colts – “Out of Luck” for the season or do they have a chance? Will the Pacers have a chance for the play-offs with the infusion of new people on the team? Tune in and find out!

The Lionesses – Eliana, Draven, & Cassidy are the Lionesses as they discuss the core values of a Christian young woman – what they are and how to maintain them within a very secular society. Their program is both enlightening as well as refreshing.

“Vivir Para Cristo” – A Spanish language program, hosted by Mark and Brandon, gives insight into the Spanish speaking Christian community in which they are ministering and serving.

Advanced Students:

Cassidy – Through her interest in horses, Cassidy has produced a program highlighting the ministry of the Agape Therapeutic Riding Stable, who use horses to help developmentally challenged children. She and Josh are currently writing a radio drama for Christmas.

Josh – When Josh visited K-LOVE last year, he met Dave Decker, radio production staff member, that liked one of Josh’s beats. Josh has been perfecting his composing skill, and on a recent visit to K-Love, interviewed Dave for a program. Right now, Josh is working with Cassidy on a Christmas radio drama and composing some music to be used in the production.

Mark – Since he senses God calling him into the ministry, he produced a program interviewing Bill Goodrich, the pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship. Bill reflects on how God called him and how a person can discern the will of God. Mark is in the process of writing a radio drama for Christmas about the visit of the Wise Men.

Radio 1ML – Middle School

Fun Facts – Hailey has looked up some really interesting facts from the person who was the voice of Mickey & Minnie Mouse to customs of students in Iran.

Strange Things in the News – Being a new student to the school and Radio Class, De Shaun is “getting his feet wet” by presenting a program on strange tidbits he finds in the news.

The Girls – Tameya is a genius at “Improv.” Just give her a topic and she is off creating a story about it – from a fried chicken leg to battling tree leaves in the Fall – we are all along for the ride, with Allana supplying the sound effects.

Triggered Comedy – The stories get really strange as Cole, Bryce, and Jake spin tails of terror and turmoil. It’s “off-the-wall” fun.

One Minute Devos – In addition, Bill Goodrich, pastor of Horizon Christian Fellowship, is on with one minute devotionals and our thanks go out to IndianaSRN – Jerry Collins and Keith Meyers, who are funding the cost of streaming on the web.

On December 1, we will start all Christmas programming with two radio dramas, student programs, and a lot of fun.

Please contact us with your suggestions and comments.

Many Blessings,
Joe Estes