Discovery is a program under the direction of the National Institute for Learning Development (, based in Norfolk, Virginia.  This program is for children who are not performing up to their potential in the classroom. To qualify, students must have average to superior intelligence and learning that is impeded because of visual, auditory, or cognitive weaknesses. Discovery’s educational therapy consists of two 80-minute sessions per week where the student is excused from the regular classroom for one-on-one intensive intervention involving multi-sensory techniques designed to stimulate deficit areas and develop academic skills. Whereas tutoring addresses symptoms of learning difficulties, Discovery addresses the issues underlying learning difficulties.

Parent and Student Testimonials

“I was behind in math. I was lost in class and I felt embarrassed because I didn’t understand the math.  Discovery helped me overcome that and in fact, helped me in other classes because I learned what to do and what I was missing.” –Horizon Graduate

“Discovery helped me in English as well by helping me read and understand grammar and improve my reading comprehension.  I had trouble reading before and understanding grammar, now I don’t, thanks to Discovery.” –Horizon Student

“It helped me organize my thoughts, my school materials and my room.” –Discovery StudentDSC_1518

“It helped my son with many things, including his handwriting.”- Mother Horizon student.

“I have built so much more confidence in the classroom and when I am doing my homework. Before, I had trouble doing my homework. I would get frustrated over my homework and not understand subjects in the classroom, now thanks to Discovery, I am able to succeed.” – Horizon 8th Grade Student 

“Thanks to Discovery my daughters’ grades are up and she is doing well in the class room and at home.”   -Horizon Elementary Student

My Discovery teacher was very encouraging and fun to be around. She supported me through the program and after. She helped me understand certain things. And she is very sweet and even when I was feeling down she would brighten my day.”  –Horizon Middle School Student 

“My son took placement tests at several schools and they said he wasn’t up to his grade level and would need to be placed in a lower grade.  Then we brought him to Horizon and enrolled him into Discovery and he is excelling at his school work.”Father of Horizon Student DSC_1525

“I had always struggled in school and experienced a lot of what my daughter had experienced.  During the session I realized that I too have learning disabilities. But the schools I attended had no clue what was gong on, and I struggled through grade school and junior high. By the time I got to high school, I had learned how to cope, graduated as fast as I could, and ended up having no desire for college because I didn’t believe I was smart enough to make it.  I didn’t want my daughter to go through the shame and the low self esteem I developed during those difficult years. Thank God for Horizon and the Discovery Program.” Mother of Horizon Student 

“It was the first time we saw him excel in school since he started in kindergarten. He also was more confident of who he was. By the end of the year he made all of the requirements his Discovery teacher had set in front of him.” Grandmother of Horizon Student

“I encourage you parents to hang in there, especially if you are in the middle years and feeling that all the efforts are not worth it. Don’t be afraid to take the advice of the Discovery teachers. The advice we received was well thought out and prayed through before it was given and was ultimately the right thing to do for our son”. –Father of Horizon Student

“There is nothing more joyful than seeing your child improve and succeed where they were once failing. I can’t think of a better program or place for my children to be than in the loving care of the teachers here at Horizon.”-Mother of Horizon Student 28 (2)

“We were impressed with the Discovery program and the results other students had achieved. We knew it was a very big commitment if she qualified but we also knew how important it was to tackle the problem with the best help possible. Our child has graduated from the Discovery program and is experiencing great success in her academic pursuits. She is a much more confident student, she experiences continued success in her educational pursuits, she has an impressive work ethic and she faces academic challenges without hesitation.”- Mother of Horizon Graduate.

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