Update for Sunday June 28

🟢 Outdoor if weather permits
🟢 Indoor if not
🟢 Social distancing still, regardless
🟢 RSVPs no longer required
🟢 Overflow rooms indoors if needed
We want the highest possible chance of holding outdoor services, and we want the best possible experience indoors if we are forced inside by weather.
You know how we do, it’s awesome
The gym will be set up with our chairs, but every other row. It’s more comfortable, just as safe, and helps the sound tremendously.
As people become more comfortable coming back, our numbers will grow. If we hit capacity in the gym, we have the Fellowship Hall and the cafeteria both set up as well to watch. First come first serve.
We’ll be communicating this message, as well as the decision indoor/outdoor Sunday, on all channels. It’s a blessing to be with you all!


  • There will be no Children’s Ministry offered at this time. There will also be no cry room available. Parents will be responsible for their children and we are asking that kids stay with their parents in their pods at all times.
  • If your child needs some extra attention or if you think they are disrupting service, the foyer and cafeteria will be made available for you. Allow us to reiterate that your kids will need to be with you during that time.
  • If you are symptomatic, please stay home and enjoy the service remotely.
  • Facemasks are optional, but encouraged. We will have a limited supply on hand, if needed.
  • Greeters are not being unfriendly by not shaking hands; just cautious and respectful.
  • Bring your coffee with you! Horizon Cafe (Coffee cart) and donuts will not be available!
  • We cannot wait for the day when we can fellowship like normal! But please know that for now, the building is not for socializing.
  • If you haven’t yet, please download our app!
  • BATHROOMS – The restrooms are available but occupancy will be limited.
  • You do not need to bring your tickets from your registration.

We cannot wait to see you all!