General Info

Date: July 16-20, 2022
Price: $300/person by July 8, $310/person after
Location: Walnut Ridge Retreat Center just NE of Bloomington, IN
Registration: See below!

Getting Ready

What To Bring

  • Bible!!
  • Pen or pencil
  • Sleeping bag & pillow
  • Normal toiletries (toothbrush, shampoo, back hair shaver, etc)
  • Appropriate clothing (see dress code)
  • Appropriate swimsuit (see dress code)
  • Towel
  • Spending money for Snack Shack if desired
  • Non-cell-phone cameras if desired (but absolutely no pictures are to be taken inside any dorm rooms for any reason)

Dress Code: No immodest tank tops (if in doubt, leave it at home). No exposed undergarments, cleavage, spaghetti straps, short shorts, gang-style clothing, offensive t-shirts, speedos, etc. Two-piece swimsuits are okay as long as a dark shirt is worn over it.
*NOTE: Female campers are required to wear a one piece swim suit, tankini or a dark t-shirt over a swimsuit. Male campers cannot wear Speedos. (God help anyone who would want to.)

What NOT To Bring

  • Electronics (cell phones, music players, etc)
  • Anything obvious and stupid (drugs, guns, deadly Chinese finger traps)

NOTE: Cell phones will not be allowed for campers. All leaders will have cell phones; campers are permitted to call home at any time.

Registration – Youth Groups

I want to bring my youth to camp!
Awesome! If you have been before, you’re already familiar with the process. Here’s how it works:

1. Say hello! If you’ve never brought a group before, email me and introduce yourself!

2. Start getting your youth together! All individual registration for kids in your youth group is up to you. They’ll need to give you two things:

   a. Money (the price of camp, plus whatever you choose to add for travel/subsidizing your leaders/etc)

   b. Per-Person Form (The Waiver)

3. Fill out group registration form. Youth camp costs $300 for everyone registered through the group registration form. The form must be filled out and sent in by July 1! You can mail the check* to Horizon Christian Fellowship Indianapolis (made out to the same). You are welcome to add people after July 1, of course; we will be charging them $310 for camp. Please let me know if your late additions grow to more than a few people so that I can make sure everyone is accommodated!

4. Come to camp with the money and registration forms! Bring the rest of the money and all the individual registration forms with you to camp on July 16!
*We use checks instead of online payments to save processing fees from affecting the price of camp.


What each individual youth kid & leader needs to give you by camp start:

What you need to fill out for your youth group:

Registration – Individual

I’m an individual who wants to come, but I don’t belong to a youth group!
Awesome! The best way to join is to contact your nearest Calvary Chapel and see if you can hop on with their group! You will be associated with them for the duration of youth camp and be under their authority. Find one near you!
No luck? Contact me.