Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Response


May 15:

  • Weeks 1-2 canceled; Camp Indy starts Week 3 (June 15)
  • Canceled all Horseback, Road Trip, Gymnastics, Epic: Backpacking camps
  • All overnights replaced with evenings


Hello Camp Indy Families,               Updated May 15th

First off, thank you again for your patience with us during this time. After much consideration of regulations and guidelines, this is where we are at concerning this summer:

Weeks 1 and 2 (June 1-8) are canceled. We are hopeful and are aiming to start camp on June 15th (the normal week 3).

In addition, we have canceled all Horseback Camps, Road Trip Camp, Gymnastics Camps and Epics: Backpacking due to the use of outside facilities. We are saddened to see these camps pause for this summer, but feel it is necessary to ensure the safety of our campers and families. At this point, we are also canceling all overnights for this summer. We will continue to notify you of any change. 

We are working hard to ensure that camp is as safe for your campers and family as possible. With this in mind, we have made a few modifications for this summer

    We will have no overnights this summer. Campers in Outdoor Adventure Camp and Scion Epics will follow the normal overnight schedule but will go home on Wednesday or Thursday nights at 8:30 rather than stay the night on campus.

    **10-12 OAC camps will also not be going to the horse barn.

    Camps will be limited in their interaction with the other camps. Camps will stay in their small groups to eliminate cross-camp interactions. While we will make an effort to maintain the 6 feet distance with other camps, the 6 feet distance may not always be enforced with campers that are in the same camp; almost like a “family unit”. Junior Camp, 7-9, and 10-12 will remain in separate areas throughout the day. 
    Camps will, whenever possible, stay outside. If it becomes necessary to move indoors, camps will be separated into their individual camp groups in different locations.
    Campers and staff will take breaks throughout the day to practice good hygiene by washing and sanitizing hands. Campers and staff will be encouraged to limit hand touching and sharing without prior sanitation. Bathrooms, offices, door handles, and other high traffic spaces will be cleaned throughout the day and after camp daily. All facilities will be cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day. Staff will be trained on these procedures prior to the start of camp. Cleaning checklists will be implemented and completed.
    To keep our campers and staff safe, we will be limiting the number of outside interactions we have both on and off our campus. Camps that utilize outside vendor facilities (Horseback, Road Trip, and Gymnastics) have been canceled for this summer. In addition, we are also limiting the amount of non-staff individuals on our campus, including visitors, vendors, and volunteers.
    Like you, we want to make sure that your campers are as safe as possible while still being able to experience camp. We are asking you as parents and guardians to please follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of all at Camp Indy. If your child or anyone in the household has experienced a fever or illness within 72 hours of camp,
    keep your kids at home. If your camper has a fever or any COVID-19 symptoms, they will be isolated from the other campers and sent home immediately. 

We understand the importance of the real camp experience for your kids, and at the same time we are doing our best to make sure that camp is as safe as possible this summer. However, if you have a high-risk individual in your household or are concerned about contracting the COVID-19 virus, recognize that camp might not be the right choice for your family this summer. If you are not comfortable about sending your children to camp and have registered already, please contact us and we will refund, donate or pay forward to Camp Indy Summer 2021.

See you this summer!

With love,
Director Wes Hoff and Camp Indy Staff

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