Pre-K-Fifth Grade

We have been blessed since 1998 to be educating this young age group.  Watching each child grow through each grade level on their way to middle and high school is special.

Spiritual Plan
We teach our elementary students at an early age how important it is to worship God.  DSC_1163Our vision is to Win a person to Christ, Disciple them in Christ and Send them out for Christ. We instruct our young students in this vision in every aspect of what we do at Horizon.  In fact, many times our teachers will use the Word of God to get a point across about a subject or a lesson plan. Our focus is to help your child become a mature Christian through studying God’s Word daily, worshiping God every Monday at chapel, serving in the community and discipling your child through connecting students with spiritually mature believers who can help them grow in their faith.

Education PlanDSC_0062
While educating students spiritually is vitally important, we don’t lose sight of how important a quality education is to a child’s growth.  We don’t let our academics suffer because of our spiritual focus.  As soon as they enter our campus, each student is exposed to math, art, physical education, reading and music. We are preparing each child to be ready for their grade level and work towards preparing them for their next grade level.  Each child is evaluated and an education plan is designed for each as they prepare to advance.

Our teacher to student ratio is on average, 15-1.

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