Horizon Christian School is focused on providing excellence in academics while maintaining strong Biblical perspective. HCS is dedicated to offering our students curriculum and instruction that meets and exceeds the State of Indiana’s Core Standards. In an effort to analyze our academic performance both nationally and statewide, we participate in both the ISTEP+ and the Terra Nova 3 (previously we administered the SAT-10). We also provide our students with benchmark testing and progress monitoring as a way to review our curriculum and instructional methods.

Horizon Christian School serves Pre-K through 12th grade students all on our beautiful 98 acre campus and with the use of current technology such as smart boards, projectors and a well organized computer lab; our professional instructors make the most of every teachable moment. Horizon welcomes a diverse student body and sees each child as an individual with unique gifts and talents which our Lord has given them. We seek to develop these talents and encourage a true love of Christ and a strong desire to serve. “The goal of our instruction is love…” (1 Timothy 1:5) – the love of God and others. We are eager to build relationships with our students and their families which will strengthen our community and the world.

Please take a moment to look closer at our grade level instructional programs: