“This light that’s in my four girls, I haven’t seen it in years.”
Nashika W. – Mother of four Horizon students

“This is my school and these are my friends, but then you realize after being here, WOW, this is my family. I can go to these people about anything.”
Ian M. – 11th grade Horizon student

“I can’t even imagine teaching every day without bringing Christ into it.”
Sarah Kovell – Horizon Elementary Teacher

“We walked into Horizon during our tour and my daughter, Cassidy, said, ‘Mom, this is where I am supposed to be.'”
Nicole E. – Mother of two Horizon students

“Because we are small, we know every child by name.”DSC_0032
Mike S. – Head of School and Father of two Horizon students

“As soon as I stepped onto this campus, I felt something special.”
Dante B. – 12th grade Horizon student

“The most important part about my teachers is that they care about your faith and make sure that it’s strong.”
Jayla N. – 11th grade Horizon student

“We will not let the students’ spiritual development take a back seat to math or any other subject.”
Jeff F. – Math Teacher

“I am teaching at Horizon because of the ministry that took place in the lives of my family.”
Amy B. – English Teacher and Mother of four Horizon students

“I have seen the excitement come back into his life since he’s been at Horizon.”
Dhanashree C. – Mother of two Horizon students